Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Riley- one year old

So, a lot of my friends write posts updating us all on the fun milestones and general happenings of their children at various stages... since I don't have kids, I thought I would post about Riley. I don't know his exact birthday since I adopted him from a shelter (and I am choosing to celebrate Feb 21- the day we became a family instead) but the shelter thinks he was born on Dec 26, 2011...

*eats two cups of Beneful Puppy food/day (one in morning and one at night)
*loves people food, especially peanut butter
*will whine if you don't let him lick the dishes
*eats anything you put in front of him

*is a huge snuggle bug and likes to sleep with some or all of his body on top of mama
*hogs the bed
*mostly sleeps through the night

*loves visiting his friends at Doggie Day Care on some Wednesdays
*could play fetch for hours
*loves to chew on rawhide bones
*enjoys playing in the backyard, especially in the craters he has dug
*splashes in every puddle he can

*when Mama comes home from work- he even jumps up and kisses me
*meal time
*stealing Mama's socks
*checking the mail with mama without being on a leash

* being moved around on the bed so mommy can have a tiny bit more space
*putting on a leash (he's great once you get it on him, but he runs away at first)

*shake (only with a cookie in hand)
*has selective hearing when mama calls him, but will always come running at the mention of a c-o-o-k-i-e